Solar Attic Fans

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Installing a solar attic fan is a smart choice for homeowners looking to improve their home's energy efficiency and overall comfort. One of the primary benefits of a solar attic fan is that it can reduce attic temperatures by up to 25 degrees, which can have a significant impact on the overall temperature of the home.

By reducing the attic temperature, the solar attic fan can also reduce the workload on your HVAC equipment, potentially extending its lifetime and reducing the need for repairs. In addition to its energy-saving benefits, a solar attic fan can also improve indoor air quality by helping to remove excess moisture and preventing the buildup of mold and mildew. Finally, a solar attic fan operates entirely on solar power, which means it has no ongoing electricity costs and produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, installing a solar attic fan is a smart investment for Utah homeowners looking to reduce their energy usage, improve their home's comfort, and promote a healthier living environment.

Reduce Attic Temperature
Up to 25 degrees

Running fans and air-conditioning all the time makes your electric bill go through the roof! Solar attic fans will lower the temperature and increase the energy efficiency of your home.  Plus, since they run on solar energy, they don't impact your electric bill. We've seen a reduction of 30% on electric bills.

Reduce Energy Bills

We have seen houses save up to 30% on their annual energy bill with solar attic fans.

Expand The Lifetime Of HVAC & Roof

Radiant barriers help to expand the lifetime of your air conditioning and roof, preventing future maintenance/repair costs.

Improve Air Quality

Solar attic fans prevent mold spores, mildew, and other particles from entering the air, thereby improving your home's air quality. These solar-powered exhaust fans also blow stagnant air away.

Solar Attic Fans

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Attic Fan Installation
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Connor G.

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Very professional and convenient. Did a great job installing radiant barrier, insulation and solar fan. Highly recommend."

Dennis S.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do solar attic fans last?

Inferior solar fans on the market that only last an average of 3-5 years. Meanwhile, Good Attic's mounted solar attic fan comes with a 25-year or limited lifetime warranty.

How much will I save on my energy bill?

We have seen houses save up to 30% on their annual energy bill with solar attic fans.

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