Good Attic is not your average attic energy company.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide peace of mind and cool temperatures to the greater UT area. That peace of mind extends both to the service we offer and to the end result. We want every dollar you spend on your attic to feel meaningful, and we want you to feel like our work actually improved your living space.

We’re ready to help you whenever you’re ready.

Our Values

We operate on 3 core values, which we extend to our customers..


When things are easy, success is straightforward. While we love those situations, we’re not afraid of challenges. The quality of your business and its employees is really tested when things get hard. Resilience is about doing what you say you’ll do, no matter the obstacles in your way.


The most essential quality for trust is not perfection but credibility. No matter how good you are, none of that matters if you don’t honor your word. When we say we’ll be there Monday, we’ll be there.


Owning a home has its ups and downs. For many of us, the biggest point of stress is not knowing. You either don’t know what’s actually wrong with your home, don’t have the expertise to fix it, or don’t think you have the money to pay for it. We operate our business with this in mind, and extend to you transparency every step of the way, from working with you to find a solution to your attic problem, being clear about what needs to be done, and being straightforward in our pricing.

Our Process

You Reach Out

Shoot us an email, call us on the phone, or use our instant quote tool on our website. Either way, we want you to reach out to us about your attic needs.

We Send Someone Out

We immediately send a professional attic inspector to come to your home and take a look at your attic. They'll look at everything, and listen to your needs as they review your attic. Afterward, We will write you an estimate on the spot, and talk over or answer any questions you might have.

The Job Is Scheduled & Completed

Once the proposal is accepted, one of our project managers will reach out to you to put you on our calendar. Once scheduled, we’ll guarantee to show up on time and ready to work. A typical job takes just 2 days; 1 for removal, another for installation.

We're Not Finished Yet

Once the work is done, we’re still not finished. We take our integrity seriously. After the job is done we’ll send out one of our veteran project managers to inspect the work. Once they give it their seal of approval, you can know for sure that our team did it right.